Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman Creator is a powerful online tool for authoring realistic characters ready to be used inside UE5.

Animation result captured directly using Unreal Engine 5


As I haven’t seen some mexican-look characters made in Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman authoring tool, I decided to give it a try and see if can accomplish the familiar Mexican face in my virtual character. The goal was set to be about an hour using my Desktop Windows computer with super stable Internet connection and the always reliable Google Chrome to open https://metahuman.unrealengine.com/ and start creating my virtual self that resulted in an old school tough-guy-looking 27-year-old central Mexico man.


I just edited character online and save it in the Cloud for further reference inside Unreal Engine. Then I opened MetaHuman project template that contains an already setup Level with a couple of pre-made MetaHuman characters.

Replacement is easy and animations will adapt out of the box. For the custom animation I decided to go the hard way creating, modifying, moving and deleting some animation keyframes to achieve that nasty snake tongue effect.


Resulting sequence with modified character animation and camera effects is a bliss considering my lack of experience. Once again Unreal Engine tools surpass any expectation and are here to help anyone with their creativity processes.

Thanks for reading this far, happy creations! :smiley: