Jaime Hernandez

:computer: Computer Engineer. XR Developer.



Philadelphia, 08002

Passionate about Video Games Aesthetics :space_invader:

I consider myself fortunate to be part of this remarkable era of digital innovation and the continuous evolution of computer graphics. My journey into the world of technology began with the NES, a console that my dad used as an excuse to introduce me to imported tech. Today, I’m just one more individual delving deep into the captivating universe of computer science and application development as an engineer.

At present, I’m immersed in the development of Mixed Reality applications, working with a variety of devices, including custom peripherals. Join me on this exciting journey through my social media channels and explore more on this website.

Keep up with the latest developments in experimental Human-Machine Interface (HMI) applications by following my blog! :flying_saucer:


Jan 26, 2024 "Dope Me Laugh" winner Most Fun 2024 PGM GGJ!!!
Nov 19, 2023 New Video Game Concept: La Mano Peluda!
Oct 15, 2023 Google Analytics now available for this website!
Oct 14, 2023 Updating portfolio and host to GitHub pages
Oct 13, 2023 This Jekyll-based webpage is live!

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