New WIP version of Liquid Cat portfolio website and blog.

On this days of Generative Everything and fast advancements in A.I. my virtual self needs an necessary update. I’ll jump into the future modernizing my personal website (and portfolio) using GitHub Pages and Actions!

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been using my portfolio website hosted on DigitalOcean mainly because it is cheap and it offers lot of walkthrough tutorials for setting up different development environments. I learnt Django 3 in an friendly way from the Udemy Django* course from Nick [TODO: fill with proper information].It was really interesting but kind of challenging how to install all requirements, setting up a data base with Postgres, using Python virtual environments for each web application and finally setting up the services that keep the app running in Linux. What a bliss! Anyhow I’m not populating that website/blog too much because I don’t really like Django admin dashboard too much, neither the fact that I need to develop a lot of needed features offered anywhere else. All of it feels old and outdated!

At this exact moment I’m editing this file locally using Visual Studio Code. I like it way more than using Django dashboard! I feel like using a lot of features from VSCode for editing this .md files for delivering content. I won’t forget to mention Jekyll features like plugins, this popular theme awesomeness and also GitHub features and automation are amazing!

As far as I got, all development process is way faster and learning curve is much flatter.

GitHub + Jekyll benefits

  • Automatic deployment with GH DevOps
  • No databases, no migration!
  • Easier to create and deliver content
  • It's free!

They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom. – Confucius

Farewell my dear Django