Exploring La Mano Peluda: A New Video Game Unraveling Paranormal Stories.


The concept behind the La Mano Peluda video game draws inspiration from the iconic radio show of the same name. For those familiar with the program, La Mano Peluda was renowned for its enthralling interviews on paranormal experiences, captivating a wide audience with spine-chilling tales shared passionately by participants, evoking a palpable sense of fear and excitement.

In this immersive game, you step into the shoes of an interviewee while the AI, portraying Juan Ramon Saenz, replicates the famed radio storyteller’s voice and mannerisms with precision.

Your task is to narrate your paranormal experience, with the AI adjusting its responses dynamically, considering factors such as intensity, coherence, duration, and more. The game strives to replicate the atmospheric flow of the radio program, aiming for sessions lasting between 20 minutes to an hour.

Players will find themselves engaged in an ever-evolving narrative, where their storytelling choices impact the game’s progression. The AI adapts seamlessly to the narration, enhancing the immersive experience as if participating in a live broadcast of La Mano Peluda.