Dope Me Laugh got two prices in the 2024 Global Game Jawn!! Thanks for all Philly Game Mechanics!


Global Game Jam is a massive event that happens every year about end of January where people gather together in different venues all around the world or lately, without leave home comfort. To be honest, I really like this flexibility and many other updates through the years I’ve been attending GGJ!

For the second time we attended the Global Game Jawn in Philly with our great hosts of Philly Game Mechanics. Unfortunately our participation was fully remote this year (yes, we missed the pizza lol). That said we want to show our gratitude for being such amazing hosts!

About Us

Tamal Rosita is an alternative game studio focused on non-conventional aesthetics, mechanics and story telling. Founded by Sakbe Corona (my wife) and myself to express ourselves while having lots of fun, specially during the annual Global Game Jam festivities.

Test playing

We had a blast testing some of the PGM games for the jam (among others), got some great feedback about our game and learnt how other indie developers use technologies and even how they promote and distribute. Also during this week we had the chance to test the games at home and vote anonymously for our favorite ones.

Fortunately Dope Me Laugh got into the heart of its players. We appreciate all the love and motivation to keep pushing forward!


Dope Me Laugh won Most Fun game and Best SFX.

Thanks everyone for playing and loving our game!!